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Recycling Scrap Metal in Mississauga

This is no longer your grandpa’s old wrecking yard. At Attar Metals, we welcome and invite everyone and anyone to participate in our circular economy. Next Saturday morning, we would encourage you to clean-out some of your old metal junk and broken items which can be recycled, and even earn you a few dollars. Our aim is to reduce material from going to the landfill!

Collect the broken bicycle, basketball net, computer tower and even aluminum pop cans and bring it all down to our premier recycling facility in Mississauga. We are conveniently located near the intersection of Dixie and Britannia, just North of the 401. This week, I rounded-up a stainless-steel sink, braided stainless steel faucet connectors, old steel vents, copper pipe, bare copper wire, aluminum dryer vent (cleaned-out with no lint), an old broken heat gun, power tool drill and battery charger.

Upon arrival, you may back-up on the driveway and toss your recyclables into one of the conveniently placed totes. It was pretty busy this day, though there is a quick turnaround with each customer. However, by the time I left, there was a small line-up accumulating as this is the best place to go when it comes to getting the most cash for scrap metal.

Once you drop material into the bin, one of the trained and licensed forklift operators will pick-up the tote to be weighed. If you only have a few items, you could simply walk over to the scale yourself where the welcoming scaler operator will greet you (Tell Sunny Nestor sent you). All the items are graded, sorted and weighed, based on their metal composition. The friendly staff inspector verifies the materials and in short order prints you a receipt to go collect your cash money.

Once commonly known as a scrap yard, junk yard or wrecking yard; today, Attar Metals is considered a recycling centre for Western Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, GTA, and the Golden Horseshoe community. Attar Metals also maintains a facility in Fort Erie to service the Niagara, St. Catharines, Stevensville, and Welland region. Historically, these old yards would accept old cars, obsolete machines, broken appliances and cut them-up to be prepared for smelting at a local steel mill. Attar Metals continues to accept these items today; however, there is a much more rigorous process to de-pollute the end-of-life vehicles and drain the oil and other fluids out of machines before they are processed. Those drained fluids and oils are then filtered and recycled to new consumer commodities. Every measure is taken to preserve our environment and collect any pollutants and find new uses for them. The cleaned-up steel is then processed by new state of the art equipment and prepared to be consumed by local steel mills into brand new steel. This locally made, urban mined, recycled steel, is then delivered to manufacturers to produce cars, tools, barbecues, and other locally manufactured items.

If you have a large volume of scrap metal material to drop-off, you may drive directly onto the vehicle scale to weigh the full car or truck, drop-off material directly into the yard, then weigh your empty vehicle on the scale when you exit. You can even drive your old car into the yard and walk away and allow the Attar team to responsibly recycle the full car including rubber tires, aluminum rims, aluminum radiator, car battery, aluminum engine, electrical system harness wire. Even the plastic is recycled and sent further downstream.

This coming Saturday, collect your metal waste and broken electronics and bring it down to Attar Metals knowing you are diverting the material from landfill, and your old bike, broken toaster or blender will soon become something new in the marketplace; in only a few weeks. You also benefit monetarily as each pound of metal earns you more money.


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