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Scrap Metal Recycling in Fort Erie and Niagara

A scrap metal recycling center open to the public in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada

Attar Metals Fort Erie service businesses and local neighbours in the Niagara Peninsula funneling material into our processing facility in Fort Erie. 

Our publicly accessible scrap yard is open to receive metal containing materials from everyone and anyone. If you are a weekend warrior, a tradesman, or a manufacturer, we would be happy to greet you and pay the best rates in the Niagara region for your metal scrap and electronics. 

Step 1: Arrive and unload your metals, electronics, appliances, batteries, small engines, etc.

Step 2: Staff will inspect, grade, and weigh the metals delivered

Step 3: Collect your cash for the value of the metals and depart.

Leave happy and proud knowing you have helped the environment by reducing waste material from landfill.

Certificates of Destruction (CoD) are available if you have items or equipment to be destroyed.

Our direct access to foundries and smelters, in Canada, the US and internationally, allow us to provide you the best prices for your junk, surplus and waste metals.

Please contact us to get in touch with an experienced professional agent to allow us to review your individual situation. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

Fort Erie: Welcome

Proud Member of the Niagara Industrial Association

We know the importance of supporting local business and manufacturing

Since Attar Metals Fort Erie first opened, we have been a proud member of the NIA

Fort Erie: About
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